Freshen up your calendars with MINTcal
Easily add calendars
Add as many calendars as you wish and give them separate colours. Drag and drop them in any order.
Add new events
Add new events with one click and set additional notes, Repeat  entries throughout a week, month or year can be set with ease.
Calendar settings
Customise the background of the calendar, add a logo or organisation colours. 
Share calendars
Share single or multiple calendars with anyone. Group certain calendars, create a link or embed in your website.
Search the calendar
Search the calendars for events instantly. All search results appear and one click takes you to the date you want to see..
Print Calendars
Print your calendars for reference when offline. Choose just the ones you want in your group and print
MINTcal is easy and intuitive to use and doesn't rely on signing up with an email company or buying expensive office software.       

It keeps the administration of your calendars in one place and lets you share calendars with selected groups, keeping complete control of timetables, plans, schedules, diaries and more.      

Add calendars to your website for public access, or in a members’ area for staff, students and other users.     

Fully supported by our development team, MINTcal makes it easy to keep accurate calendars that keep your organisation running smoothly. 
  • Create as many calendars as you like
  • Share calendars easily and quickly
  • Rely on our full back up service
  • Designed and supported in the UK 
  • Access to regular feature updates
  • Cost effective to buy and run