The best calendar system you'll ever use!
A simple-to-share calendar that's brilliant for everyone.
Designed by a school, brilliant for everyone. 

At Last, a calendar system designed to make life easier for busy administrators in schools, clubs and organisations. Keep all your calendars in one place, manage them online and create easy links for groups or individuals.

  • Easy to use calendars for all your activities.
  • Define who can see and edit individual calendars.
  • Simple to embed in your website.
  • All your calendars are backed up regularly.
  • Full technical support to help you anytime.
  • No need to rely on email or software packages.
  • Costs less than 40p a day.
  • Try it now for free.

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What does it do? 

MINTcal is an independent calendar system that gives you all the features and flexibility you need without signing up to an expensive email or software system. 

Who made it?

MINTcal is a product by Minted Box. A team of talented developers based in Guildford.

Want to try it? 

You can! Create your own calendar for free right now. We're here to help by email or phone, just get in touch if you need us at any time.